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A Few of the Highlights of Houston's Chinatown Neighborhood

The recipient of an MBA in accounting, Sue Ann Ma holds several professional designations, including certified public accountant and master certified estate planner. Since 2001 Sue Ann Ma has served clients through Seminal Financial Group, her accounting and financial planning firm based in Houston’s Chinatown neighborhood.

Located in a city that boasts the United States’ second-largest Asian population, Houston’s Chinatown is comprised of people from across the Asian continent. Originally established in downtown Houston, the neighborhood has since migrated to the southwestern area of the city. There, visitors can enjoy a variety of cultural treasures, such as the following:
1. Food
Befitting its name, Chinatown is home to a number of Chinese-influenced restaurants, like Fung’s Kitchen, which has gained national recognition from publications like USA Today. In addition to Chinese fare, the neighborhood offers establishments that serve options such as Pakistani firecracker wings, Thai-style rolled ice cream, and a variety of other Asian cuisine. However, many Houstonians advise sampling what some consider the city’s signature dish: Vietnamese crawfish. Several restaurants have their own twist on it.
2. Shopping
Those looking for bargains can browse the dozens of discount shops of Harwin Drive, where they can find an assortment of items, including cell phones, jewelry, and perfume. Another option is Hong Kong City Mall. At this indoor shopping destination, shoppers can frequent numerous businesses, many of which are Vietnamese-owned, as well as the famous Hong Kong Food Market.
3. Massages
Up and down Bellaire Boulevard, multiple Chinatown establishments offer reflexology massage, a centuries-old technique that involves concentrating on the body’s pressure points. Masseuses perform one-hour foot massages for approximately $20, while full-body massages typically run between $40 and $60.

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