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Certifications for Estate Planning Professionals

Sue Ann Ma

Since 2001, certified public accountant Sue Ann Ma has served as president of Seminal Financial Group, Inc., in Houston, Texas. In addition to being a CPA, Sue Ann Ma holds the Master Certified Estate Planner® credential from the National Institute of Certified Estate Planners (NICEP).

In its efforts to improve estate planning for both consumers and professionals in the industry, the NICEP oversees its Certified Estate Planner (CEP®) and Master Certified Estate Planner (MCEP®) certification programs. Designed for financial, legal, and tax professionals, the CEP® certification program includes eight instructional modules focused on a variety of topics related to wills, trusts, insurance, and legacy planning. After completing the course, professionals must pass a comprehensive examination.

Those who have earned the CEP® designation can further distinguish themselves by completing the MCEP® certification program, which requires that they take an advanced eight-module course on estate planning and pass an additional exam. Both CEP® and MCEP® professionals are required to maintain their certification by meeting continuing education requirements and adhering to the NICEP code of ethics.


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